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29 December
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A transplanted Alaskan studying for a semester in Argentina.

Blade of the Immortal. Animorphs. Science fiction. Cultural assimilation. Zombie Combi + Yugito. Slash het femslash gen. OT3s. Thai food. Daydreams. Fandom in ridiculous amounts.

original writing can be found at red_ska_tonic.
fanfiction can be found at bedlam_mix.

If I seem to have friended you at random, fear not! I'm just interested in what you have to say / we share a fandom / I randomly think you're funny and cool and sort of want to follow what you say for a while. It's only slightly stalker-ish, I'm not an alarming person, I am actually perfectly harmless and tedious! So feel free to not friend me back. Ha ha.

I also harbor a moderate extreme addiction to stamping communities. It's a flaw. Stamped post here if you're really interested in looking at that self-indulgent a thing.

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Marluxia (prunus_shankosa)
akatsuki, amnesty international, animation, anime: monster, animorphs, anotsu and rin, anotsu'n'rin's fantabulous roadtrip, anotsu/rin, archery, art, being a hellbitch, being abducted by aliens, being alone, being deceptively nice, birds, blade of the immortal, cephalopods, child/supervillain friendships, comics, conservation, cooking, doctors without borders, drawing, esplin9466's political career, eyeshield 21, fanfiction, fun with humans, getting more sleep, golgo calabash n toe, golgo's good eye, gorillaz, gunning down romance, hating on essays, hidan and manji bonding, hidan/yugito, hidan/yugito/kakuzu, human rights violations, i feel sick, i_brake_for_andalites, imagining argentina, insomnia, invader zim, jthm, kakuzu/everyone, kakuzu/tsunade, kakuzu/yugito, lilo & stitch, loz and marlene, marine biology, megan whalen turner, my little skiberrie, naruto, nights into dreams, northern lights, paranoia agent, parody, photography, platonic relationships, psychology, radiohead, rawkin da casbah, rice boy, rice-boy for president!, romance, sailor nothing, scrapped princess, serenity rose, slash, smoochies with essam'n'edriss, sonic the hedgehog, squee!, staying up late, surviving college, tanith lee, telling vivid lies, telling_vivid_lies_about_being_from_alaska, the coyote gospel, the one electronic, the whole fucking enchilada, the whs ski team, travel, twewy, vivian vande velde, was crake right?, who elected visser3?, work harder!, writing, xc ski, xiaolin showdown, zexion, zexion/rin